Benefits of a Photofacial or IPL in Austin

Benefits of a Photofacial or IPL in Austin

Fresher, younger looking skin, without an invasive procedure? It’s not just a dream anymore. An IPL or Photofacial treatment can make your anti aging dreams come true, as well as provide relief from exasperating conditions, and all with little to no social downtime.

The benefits of Photofacials or IPL treatments in Austin are not limited solely to those of the anti-aging kind. While IPL Treatments can gradually reduce the appearance of sun spots, pigmentation, and freckles; something which all of us in the sunny city of Austin,Texas are bound to experience. Photofacials also hold great benefits for those who suffer from rosacea. Rosacea is a chronic inflammatory condition, that can affect people of all ages with symptoms varying from facial erythema, flushing, acne like blemishes and visible broken capillaries, among many other things. Rosacea, like sun spots and pigmentation can be exasperated by sun and heat which makes Photorejuvenation treatments a very relevant procedure in a place like Austin, Texas that receives over 229 days a year with sun! IPL or Photofacial treatments besides just being helpful for pigmentation and Rosacea also have a more minimal effect of improving skin texture through collagen stimulation, and temporarily reducing oiliness through a non permanent pore size reduction.

IPL works by emitting a pulse of light through an IPL device that specifically targets the red blood cells in blood vessels (hemoglobin) and melanin (melanin is the source of the brown pigmentation that cause sun spots and freckles). When melanin is administered with a pulse of light, the pulse of light causes the melanin to fragment and be absorbed by the body making it less distinguishable, the same concept applies for the tiny vessels in which hemoglobin is carried. While the settings used during IPL treatments can vary from highly aggressive to progressive, there is a small window in which a treatment is safe AND effective. If a setting is too low, it has little result, if a setting is too high it can result in blisters and superficial burns. This is why it is very important for those seeking these treatments to find properly educated practitioners and those considering offering these treatments to obtain proper and detailed training like the kind we offer at Texas Laser and Aesthetics Training Academy. Only a select number of states currently have regulations for the practice of Photorejuvenation, Texas is not one of them, this is why we highly recommend practitioners seek the proper education in order stand out among the competition by providing safe, yet effective treatments.

There are serious contraindications for IPL treatments, thus an educated practitioner is a MUST. Those who are not candidates for IPL treatments include, darker skin tones, as stated above.  IPL lasers are attracted to pigment and thus this increases the risk of burn in darker skin tones, those who have tanned skin, those who use artificial tanning agents or those who have had sun exposure in the last 4 weeks. People who have taken Accutane in the last 6 months, or are currently taking any medications which cause photosensitivity are not candidates, as well as pregnant women. Patients should also be asked to discontinue minocycline, tetracycline, doxycycline or Retin-A/Renova several days prior to each treatment. There are in fact many contributing factors and situations that may or may not make you a candidate for IPL treatments, so ALWAYS get a consultation beforehand.

If you find yourself to be a candidate and do go through with this procedure, there are some short lived non serious side effects to expect. Following your treatments you can expect to see redness and minute swelling that will resolve itself anywhere from within several hours to a week, areas of unwanted pigmentation will also darken, taking on a pepper or coffee grind appearance which should naturally flake away within 7 to 10 days. It is completely safe to apply makeup directly following your treatment, and most side effects from this treatment are easily hidden with the application of makeup. As with any light treatment, you will want to be sure to stay out of the sun and carefully apply sun block throughout the entire duration of your treatment, these treatments are your investment in your skin, protect it!

All things involving skin are progressive, so to truly receive the full lightening and redness reducing benefits, clients should not expect to see complete results following one treatment but a number of treatments spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart. Everyone is different, so it hard to pinpoint an exact number of treatments any one person will need but the minimum is usually four.  Even after a series of treatments a periodic touch up is recommended, as well as proper homecare and sun protection on the patient’s part to ensure the longest lasting benefits.

All in all IPL treatments or Photofacials, are not only a  fabulous way for the correct candidates to receive the beautiful even toned skin they’ve been dreaming of without the downtime of more invasive procedures of the past, they are also an amazing service for the properly trained, knowledgeable and results oriented practitioner to offer. If you find yourself interested in this treatment on either end of the spectrum as a client or as possible practitioner contact Texas Laser and Aesthetics Training Academy today!