With the beauty industry rapidly growing every year, so is the demand for certified Makeup Artists.  If you have a talent combined with a desire and passion for providing excellent artistry, consider taking these skills and furthering your education within the beauty industry.

In our class we will be learning an extensive array of makeup application styles ranging from everyday makeup, evening makeup, bridal makeup to stage/theatrical makeup and many more!  Applying makeup on a daily basis varies dramatically from the technique needed for film, TV, events and runway.  With our Professional Makeup Artist training program we will take a thorough look into each style and help perfect your craft of makeup application.

What a makeup artist is…

A makeup artist is an essential part to any production, whether is being a photo-shoot, TV set, runway show, stage production or being a part of a glam team.  A makeup artist’s job is to create and execute a cohesive concept that the producer, set director or yourself envisions.  In this industry you get to let your creativity run free and invite new and innovative looks that are always changing.  Staying up-to-date with all the current trends and techniques is a huge part of your job, and having that eye for detail will help you rise to the top.

How to become a makeup artist…

Currently there are no laws regulating makeup artists in Texas.  Getting your Professional Makeup Artist Certification will make you and your portfolio and resume stand out of the crowd! This certification ensures your future clients or employers feel comfortable knowing you understand the ins and outs of professional makeup application.  Employers are looking for experience and knowledge when it comes to hiring makeup artists, the more education and certifications you have under your belt the better your chances are for getting hired.

How to work as a makeup artist…



There are a few paths you may take once you are a Certified Makeup Artist.  The most popular option is applying for a retail job generally working at a makeup counter.  During your workday you will be applying and selling products, this job is very sales oriented and perfect for people who are outgoing and consider themselves a people person.  Retail makeup artists are often under appreciated, but this is truly one of the most labor-intensive jobs in the industry.  You are working not only as a makeup artist but you are a sales assistant, cashier and a teacher. You will show clients how to properly apply their makeup while helping them build their confidence and beauty. Another benefit when working retail is the gratis (free products) that is provided by the more prestigious brands. Some companies are even known to provide a whole makeup kit!


A second option and the most competitive is being a freelance artist.  Being a freelance makeup artist means you are your own boss.  You will be booking your own appointments, responsible for providing your own marketing and building your own makeup kit with your best and favorite products from various brands.  Marketing yourself and your business is critical to success.  This option gives you the most freedom to create your own schedule and client base.  Many retail makeup artists are also freelance artists on their downtime to help expand their clientele as well as keeping up with the trends.


A third option is being a brand ambassador or representative.  A makeup brand will hire you on as their educator and generally have you travel to various locations where their products or services are sold.  You will be in charge of educating and giving demonstrations to all the employees on the new and innovative techniques and products that are up and coming in the industry.  You will be the first to know about new launches of products and get special hands on training from the brands themselves. If you love traveling and meeting new people on a daily basis this job is definitely for you.