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Laser Hair Removal 2018-04-17T13:51:17+00:00

If you’re one cut or razor burn away from snapping your razor in half, listen, we’ve all been there. It seems as if hair is that guest at the party that just keeps showing up loud and uninvited, the unsightly center of attention. You’ve been polite for far too long my friend, and we are here to help kick unwanted hair to the curb.

Studies have shown that over the course of a lifetime, women will spend approximately 72 days or 1,728 hours just shaving! Although men tend to average a lesser 45 days of their lifespan shaving, that’s 45 entire days that could be spent doing literally. anything. else. Not to mention the razor burn, cuts, & money spent on razors. We have chosen to no longer accept this defeat, for each of the hours we get in a day is precious and has value far beyond our date nights with shaving cream.

Laser Hair Removal treatments have been growing wildly in popularity over the past decade, and for good reason. With technology constantly progressing we have an ever-increasing knowledge of why our hair grows when it does, and how to truly get it to leave us alone. Permanent hair reduction has changed the day-to-day lives of so many of our patients, and we want to pass that on to you.


  • Mid-Brow $15
  • Forehead $20
  • Lip $20
  • Chin $20
  • Cheeks $25
  • Neck $30
  • 1/2 Face $40
  • Full Face $65



  • Back of Neck $40
  • Full Back $80
  • Half Back $40
  • Half Chest $40
  • Chest & Abs $80
  • Chest or Abs $40
  • Back Shave $20
  • Shoulders $45
  • Full Arm $70
  • Half Arm $35
  • Half Arm $35
  • Thigh $60
  • Lower Leg $60
  • Full Leg $100
  • Under Arms $25
  • Areola $10
  • Female / Male Brazilian $70
  • Ab Trail $10
  • Bikini Line $30
  • Buttocks $30
  • Feet & Toes $10