What Does Skin Tightening Really Mean?

What Does Skin Tightening Really Mean?

We have all heard the cliché, “It’s all about the skin tightening in aesthetics.” But, what does that actually mean and how do you achieve it? Skin tightening usually involves the building of new and stronger collagen and elastin fibers within the skin. These are the infrastructure and support system holding everything together in those top layers of your body.

Imagine that at the cellular level of your skin , there are ropes and fibers running throughout, crisscrossing, pulling, tugging and stretching, making your skin resilient and stretchy. Now try to envision how a baby’s fresh elastic skin is very different from someone who is thirty, forty, fifty, sixty, and beyond. The difference is the loss of that collagen-rich skin that creates an ability to “pop back”.

Modern dermatology and aesthetics provides us with masterful ways of increasing your own body’s collagen and elastin fibers. Almost everything we do in aesthetics has that as one of its outcomes. Included on the VIP list are radio frequency machines, PhotoFacial and IPL, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, dermaplaning, prescription strength skin care products, and a variety of other yag lasers and other ablative techniques.

For any of the thermally related treatments, there is an actual stimulation and heating of the water surrounding the cells that manufacture collagen for your skin. These techniques may sometimes take up to six months to see the ultimate outcome due to the time it takes for the cells to reproduce themselves and then, in turn, to increase collagen content.

Controlled injuries of all sorts can also lead to more collagen production. This would include anything like a chemical peel or the scraping of the skin as in dermaplaning and microdermabrasion (a gentle blast of crystals that remove the top dead layer of skin cells). Additionally, as the obstructive dead layer of outer cells exfoliate, your medical-grade products may then achieve greater penetration. In essence, you will really get your money’s worth on products if you are also utilizing top exfoliating techniques.

The nice part about combining all of these treatments is that they all work synergistically to help reset that relentless aging clock that we all deal with. Try to do a combination of treatments each year and keep pushing back on the aging process in your skin.